Royal in english

Scholten Film has made several films for the Royal Stables and Christiansborg Castle, as well as having a cooperation with the National Museum. Most films are with english subtitles.


      (Subtitles - No sound)

The film that opens the Exhibition about Peter von Scholten at Christiansborg Castle.

The exhibition will re-create the Gouvenor's residence on The West Indian Islands with several of the gouvenor's furniture from that epoch.

For the very first time you can have a sensation of how life was at that time.

Duration: 2.20 (DK/UK)

Christiansborg Castle


From kitchen to table

      (English Subtitles)

The Royal Representative rooms at Christiansborg Castle.

We follow the food's way together with the Head of the Kitchen, Jesper Vollmer, until it is served at the Royal Couple's dinner party for the Gouvernment and the Danish members at EU-parliament.

Duration: 7 min. With english subtitles

Initiation of


The 3. of june the Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, opened The Kings Lapidary in Chr. 4th Brewhouse at Frederiksholms Kanal in the presence of Her Royal Highness, Queen Margrethe.

Join the opening of this Lapidarium, that has been closed for the public in many centuries.

Duration: 2:27 min

The Horses in the


      (English Subtitles)

You are invited into the Royal Stables at the backside of Christiansborg Castle.

It 'smells' of history and life. Former Stable-chief, Michael Mentz, shows us around.

Education and driving of the Royal horses, the Kladrubber, is also from here.

Duration: 4:23 min


For everyday and special occasions

      (English Subtitles)

In the Royal Stables at the backside of Christianborg Castle, stableworkers and stable-chief have work to be done.

They have exactly the same job as for a 100 years ago.

We follow their work with the horses on ordinary days and on party days.

Duration: 5:21 min