Ambitious in english


#Ambitious is a satirical 'take' on the creative milieu in Copenhagen, anno 2018, and those who are - or wish to be - part of it.

#Ambitious is an ensemble comedy that follows a groupe of 6 - actors, writers, directors, promotors and critics - of different ages and carrerism.

They know each other criss-cross as friends, collegues, sweethearts and rivals.

Some are upcomings and fight for their break-through, some are fighting to maintain their status - and others are just afraid that they are on their way down.

Everybody are fighting different challenges - but they are brought together pursuing a common aim:

The ambition to be successful at all costs.


Lotte - Manuscriptwriter with writing blocks

Alexander - Freelance journalist with a secret

Britney - Actor without a principal role- yet

Marvin - Theatre manager with red numbers on the buttom line

David - Promotor and party person

Clara Naja - Actress with success 'over there'

                          #The Team


Lotte: Marianne-Hedwig Hoú

Britney: Amanda Elizabeth Rischel

Marvin: Lado Hadzic

Clara-Naja: Henriette Tybjerg

Alexander: Gavin Mistry

David: Jeppe Wahlstrøm

Isabella: Katrine Køhler

Dorthe: Dorte Højsted

Thomas: Andreas Højlund Arnfred

Charlotte: Tine Rangan Thiesgaard

Helle: Miriam Marie Møllegaard

Nikolaj: Adam Schmidt


Director: Aida Riberholt-Rischel

Manuscript: Amanda Elizabeth Rischel

and Marianne-Hedwig Hoú

Photographer: René Nørballe Olsen

Editor: Irene G. Scholten

Composer: Adam Victor Bøje Meier

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                     STATUS may 2018:

Episode 1 and 2 ready-made